Legal Separation in Wisconsin VS Divorce

Most people are not familiar with the difference with Legal Separation in Wisconsin VS a divorce. There are a few main points that make them similar, yet still different. Here are some facts about legal separation and divorce that you should know before completing your divorce or legal separation paperwork.


How is legal separation different than divorce?

LEGAL SEPARATION ends “marital” property, but does not end the marriage. The process is the same as a divorce and the Wisconsin court will rule on all of the same issues as a divorce.

Legal separation in wisconsin va a divorce - wisconsin courts will decide on many of the same factors as a divorce

Legal Separation Facts

You must stay separated for 1 year before converting your legal separation to a divorce unless you and spouse both agree before the year is up. You may convert to a divorce sooner. Learn more about Legal Separation from this helpful Wikipedia Article.

FILING SEPARATELY - Divorce or Legal Separation in Wisconsin

FILING SEPARATELY means that the two parties do not agree on 1 or more
issues. This means that only one spouse will be signing all the forms and filing
them with the courts. In this case the other spouse must be served by the
sheriff’s department or a private process server.

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FILING JOINTLY - Divorce or Legal Separation in Wisconsin

FILING JOINTLY means that both parties agree to sign all forms jointly, which means no party will need to be served by a sheriff or private process service. They agree on all issues concerning property division, maintenance, retirement division, issues concerning the children such as child support, child visitation and child custody.

Both parties agree to appear in Wisconsin court together on the day of final hearing.

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