Do-it-yourself Divorce vs Pro Se Divorce

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Here are your options for completing your Wisconsin Divorce.

When you need to get a divorce or legal separation in Wisconsin, there are a few options available to you. We'll explore each of these three divorce options and how you can save money and time completing your Wisconsin divorce with Divorce Pro Se.

Divorce Options in Wisconsin

1. Hire an expensive divorce attorney

2. Try to do it alone and hope no costly mistakes are made.

3. Save time and money with Divorce Pro Se. You'll receive completed divorce paperwork and legal instruction throughout the whole process of your divorce for a one-time low fee.

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You need a "Pro Se Divorce"

Divorce is much more complicated than a few vague instructions and forms. You need an actual person that will instruct you throughout the entire process of your divorce and be there for you to answer all your questions right away.

You need us to make sure you are using the correct forms and that the forms are completed correctly and will be approved by the Wisconsin courts.


One-time fee, unlimited support, paperwork completed for you and complete guidance.

Do-it-yourself Divorce Mistakes

Did you know most couples who attempt to complete their own divorce will end up doing one of two things...

  1. They give up, stay married on paper and never follow through
  2. They call Divorce Pro Se to handle their Divorce, start to finish, for one low affordable fee to all.

You'll spend hours, weeks and months trying to figure out all of the paperwork. Once you do figure things out, if the paperwork isn't completed correctly you'll be back to square one.

legal separation in wisconsin and divorce services complete self help divorce service for Wisconsin residents

Get your Milwaukee Divorce completed right - the first time.

If you want to save TIME and MONEY on your Divorce, we are exactly what you need!

We're Divorce Pro Se, and we've been helping Wisconsin residents complete their divorce for over 47 years. We've helped Tens of Thousands of couples complete their divorce and we'd love to help you through yours.

Trust the skilled professionals at Divorce Pro Se to complete your Milwaukee Divorce right, the first time. Contact us today!


One-time fee, unlimited support, paperwork completed for you and complete guidance.