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Founded in 1970, Divorce Pro Se was established to provide WI families the legal assistance they need at an affordable cost. Our simple and easy process will take away stress and uncertainty because we have the experience and knowledge to get your forms approved by the Courts the first time. An affordable Wisconsin Divorce Service option that's simple.

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Our legal skills and experience has allowed us to make a difference in lives every day. Our passion is to help others get free from an unhealthy or abusive relationship, or a relationship that they have outgrown.

We've been dedicated to serving the public in family law for the past 35 years. We are authentic, with a deep passion for helping others. We're here to help you start your journey to a better tomorrow.


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Our goal is to take the frustration and confusion out of the WI legal divorce process. We ask the right questions, provide and help you with all legal paperwork, and provide unlimited phone and email support. Get started today...

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Start your Wisconsin divorce service here. Whether it's a Divorce or Legal Separation, Child Custody - Support - Visitation issue, Contempt, QDRO, or Modification of a completed divorce, trust the knowledgeable and skilled staff at Divorce Pro Se.