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I would recommend divorce pro se to anyone!

Lovett at Divorce Pro Se. was very helpful in guiding me through the paper work needed to complete my own divorce. She answered all my questions, the system she uses and the step by step outline she provides on how to file at the court house is exactly what I needed to get through my divorce.

When it came time for my final hearing date Lovett made sure I had exactly what I needed for the court commissioner to grant my divorce. I would recommend Divorce Pro Se to anyone who does not want to spend a lot of time and money on a divorce.

- Elizabeth, Greenfield

I would recommend you to anyone!

Divorce Pro Se is definitely the way to go! On my first divorce I spent $5,000 dollars with an attorney, then my wife and I decided to work on the marriage but it didn't work out.

The 2nd time around we used Divorce Pro Se and in 4 1/2 months we were divorced and we only spent a fraction of what it cost me with an attorney. I found them to be very helpful, efficient and very professional in all that they did. Thank You Divorce Pro Se, I would recommend you to anyone!

- Brad, Milwaukee

Without the high costs of hiring an attorney

I highly recommend anyone faced with divorce to consult with the friendly staff at Divorce Pro Se. They are very caring, sensitive and they will help any couple struggling to resolve their divorce without the high costs of hiring an attorney. I found them to be very proficient and through in their work leaving nothing to chance.

- Gordon, Brookfield

Your 40 years of experience really shows.

I loved working with Divorce Pro Se! They were so knowledgeable. They let me know exactly what my rights were and what I was entitled to, like child support and alimony and they helped me get it! Great job Divorce Pro Se! Your 40 years of experience really shows.

- Karen, Fond Du Lac


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