Divorce and Legal Separation Service

We will assist you in the entire process of your divorce or legal separation, ensuring all paperwork is correct and ready for the WI Courts to issue you a final hearing divorce date.

We will help you with:

  • Division of property and debts
  • Division of retirement accounts
  • Maintenance/ family support
  • Child custody - child support - child visitation

included in our divorce service

Ensure all paperwork is correct

Unlimited Phone and Email Support

WI State Courthouse filing instructions

If you’re Filing Separately or Filing Jointly, we’re here with you every step of your divorce.

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Notary Public

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one-time payment

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Process Server

Available when you need it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal separation in wisconsin vs divorce?


LEGAL SEPARATION ends “marital” property, but does not end the marriage. The process is the same as a divorce and the court will rule on all of the same issues as a divorce.

Note: You must stay separated for 1 year before converting it to a divorce unless you and spouse both agree before the year is up, you may convert to a divorce sooner.

How long will a Wisconsin DIVORCE or LEGAL SEPARATION take?

Your divorce process with us will take approximately 4 to 5 months to complete.

*Wisconsin State law requires a 4 month waiting period*

Note: You cannot remarry for 6 months after you are divorced anywhere in the world or your marriage will not be legal.

Filing jointly VS filing separately

FILING JOINTLY means that both parties agree to sign all forms jointly. They agree on all issues concerning property division, maintenance, retirement division, issues concerning the children such as child support, child visitation and child custody. Both parties agree to appear in court together on the day of final hearing.  

FILING SEPARATELY means that you and your spouse do not agree on one or more issues, such as division of property and retirement accounts, child visitation and child support, etc.

One spouse will be signing all the forms and filing them with the courts.

The other spouse is served by the sheriff’s department or a private process server. (We offer a $45 Process Server!)


Why Divorce Pro Se?

We will make sure we handle every aspect of your legal separation in Wisconsin or your Wisconsin divorce. Trust the skilled professionals at Divorce Pro Se to complete your divorce or legal separation in Wisconsin right, the first time!

Curious about do-it-yourself divorce VS Divorce Pro Se? Check out our blog to ensure you don't make costly mistakes.

You can begin your Wisconsin Divorce or legal separation in Wisconsin HERE.

We also assist with family law, alimony and maintenance payments, division of assets and child support, custody and visitation.


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